Auto Insurance

Every vehicle and driver who is registered in Saskatchewan is automatically insured by the Saskatchewan Auto Fund.  In Saskatchewan, basic plate coverage includes only $200,000 in liability protection and comes with a $700 deductible.

Your basic auto fund coverage is not enough!
HAL Insurance offers insurance options that provide
additional coverage and lower your deductible.
  • increased liability limits
  • lower deductibles
  • glass coverage
  • replacement cost for new vehicles
  • loss of use
  • rental car coverage

Recreational Vehicles

ATVs Boats Watercraft Snowmobiles RVs Motorcycles

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HAL Facts

Did you know that if you rent a facility for a Birthday Party or Family gathering you could be found legally liable in the event that there is damage to the property or injury to someone who is attending? Always protect yourself with a Special Event Policy.
Last Shown Date: 18-12-15