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Emergency medical coverage for your travel abroad.

Whether travelling in Canada or around the globe, choose the type of protection that's right for you. From travel medical insurance to trip cancellation and interruption protection, we have a plan to meet your specific needs and protect you every time you travel.

Husband suffers heart attack and is air evacuated home

An elderly couple from Chilliwack, BC drove their RV to California for the winter. While they were there, the 71 year old husband suffered a heart attack, was admitted to the hospital and was evacuated by air back to Canada the following day. His wife went with him in the air ambulance and a drive-away company was hired to bring their RV back to Canada. 

Without insurance, out-of-pocket cost: $47,868.29 Provincial Medical Plan Contribution: $400.00

Surfing accident changes one man's life forever

A 36 year old man from Toronto, ON was surfing near Big Sur in California when he was knocked over by a large wave. His neck was fractured, resulting in complete paralysis from the waist down and partial paralysis from the neck to the waist. It was more than a month before he was medically fit to return home. At that time, OneWorld Assist arranged for business class seats that were medically necessary. The insured and medical escort then returned home for continuing treatment and rehabilitation.

Without insurance, out-of-pocket cost: $280,198.75 Provincial Medical Plan Contribution: $2,915.47

At HAL, you do not stand alone. Should you ever experience a situation that may result in an insurance claim, HAL will be at your side, assisting you with the claim process. As a HAL client, you benefit from our wide network of claims professionals in Canada from coast to coast and internationally. In the unfortunate event of a claim, we will help you get back on track as efficiently and hassle-free as possible.